Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Preparing for Change


Changing how I homeschooled this year made a huge difference for me.  That was a good change.  We all began to build better skills, while retaining a lot more information.  The children all significantly improved in areas they were struggling with.  I managed to get out of my funk and focus on better priorities as well.  We haven't finished this school year, but for the first time in a long time, we will finish strong.  I usually begin the year with gusto, but fizzle out half to two-thirds of the way through the year.  I am finishing this year with even more enthusiasm than I remember having at the beginning of the year.  I can not wait to see how everyone does on their end of the year tests.


Building a new home and moving in on Thanksgiving weekend was a really good experience for us.  We were able to watch each step of the building process, and understand more about construction.  We learned the financial process of home buying, and even a bit about taxes and municipal laws.  We have been so fortunate to be able to enjoy life in our big beautiful home.  I learned that hospitality can be practiced anywhere, though.  I don't need my own home to be able to have a productive ministry.


Our time in Washington has been incredible.  We found an amazing church filled with authentic Jesus followers who showered love on our whole family.  We have explored a lot of Western Washington and seen the most beautiful views in the USA (In my humble opinion, anyway).  I've been able to go out in the sun and enjoy life with my family, which isn't easy with an autoimmune disease that makes you sick every time you have sun exposure.We have been able to spend time with my Mother because she moved out here to live near us, and made many wonderful memories.  We even got to spend more time with some of my amazing in-laws because they live in Oregon.   The children and I have met and become friends with some of the most genuinely kind people I have ever known.


We are preparing to move to the other side of the country.  In the next 3 months we will put our house up for rent, finish our school year, visit our family in several states, say goodbye to the people and places we thought we would be spending the next decade with, and beginning life in Washington DC.  My husband applied for a job last year, not really thinking he would have the chance to get it.  We found out a couple of weeks ago that he got it and we will be headed East soon.  I still don't know where we will live, or what life will look like once we arrive, but I know it will be right before the beginning of our next school year.  In preparation, all of next year's curriculum has been ordered, and I am working on lesson plans and organization, now.  I want to be able to begin our school year with a strong start.  I have a lot of hope that next year will be even better than this year, and that our children will begin to love learning again.  The seeds planted this year will bear fruit in the next few years to come.

Change.  So many things have changed in our home, our school, and our family in the past 2 years.  This new move has given me the opportunity to look back on it all and realize how much I have to be grateful for. I can not wait to see what the Lord has in store for us in DC.


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